App Search and Workplace Search


App Search and Workplace Searchedit

App Search and Workplace Search are products included with the Enterprise Search server.

If you are running the server, you can find the user interfaces for these products within Kibana. Navigate to:

  • Search > Enterprise Search > App Search
  • Search > Enterprise Search > Workplace Search

These products are considered "standalone" experiences because they use APIs that exist outside of Elasticsearch, and they create new abstractions (for example: engines and content sources) to replace some Elasticsearch abstractions (for example: indices).

Many of the features of these products have since been added directly to Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Enterprise Search server. Therefore, users may not need to go through App Search or Workplace Search to use these features.

Specifically, for new implementations of internal knowledge search (i.e. the workplace search use case), we recommend other Elastic tools over Workplace Search. See the Workplace Search documentation for details.

The Enterprise Search documentation provides the following information about App Search and Workplace Search:

Product documentation
An overview of the documentation available for the App Search and Workplace Search products.
Product compatibility
Coverage of the additional abstractions created for App Search and Workplace Search, and their compatibility with Elasticsearch.
Users and access
Coverage of users and user management for App Search and Workplace Search.