Connector logsedit

This document describes logs for native connectors and connector clients.

For Workplace Search connectors, see the Workplace Search documentation.

Enable logsedit

Elastic Cloud users need to enable logging to view connector logs. Go to Cloud > Deployment > your-deployment > Logs and metrics to enable logs.

Once enabled, you can view logs in Kibana.

Self-managed deployments and connector client logs are written to STDOUT by the connectors process.

View connector logsedit

See View and query logs to learn how to view logs in Kibana.

You can filter by service.type:

  • enterprise-search
  • connectors-ruby
  • connectors-python

Logs referenceedit

Logs use Elastic Common Schema (ECS), without extensions. See the ECS Reference for more information.

The fields logged are:

  • @timestamp
  • log.level
  • ecs.version
  • labels.index_date
  • tags
  • log.logger
  • service.type
  • service.version

See Logging in the Elasticsearch documentation for more information.