User interfacesedit

Your Elastic deployment includes several user interfaces. Kibana is the standard management interface for Enterprise Search and Elastic. Enterprise Search also provides complete search experiences, and the tools to build your own search experiences.

Prior to version 8.0.0, Enterprise Search included its own management interface. This UI was removed in 8.0.0. Since 8.0.0, manage Enterprise Search exclusively within Kibana.

Manage Enterprise Search in Kibanaedit

Manage Enterprise Search within Kibana, the standard management interface for your Elastic deployment.

The Enterprise Search management interface within Kibana does not currently work with traffic filters on Elastic Cloud and will return an Insufficient permissions (403 Forbidden) error.

Kibana is available to all Elastic Cloud deployments. To set up Kibana for your self-managed deployment, see Installation or Running Enterprise Search using Docker.

To troubleshoot Kibana setup, see Troubleshoot Enterprise Search setup.

Within Kibana, choose Enterprise Search. Then choose App Search or Workplace Search.

Learn more about standard and custom search experiences for Enterprise Searchedit

Enterprise Search provides different tools to create search experiences for both App Search and Workplace Search.

Download or build search experiences for App Searchedit

Depending on customization needs, App Search provides the following options for creating search experiences:

  • You can use Search UI to:

    • Generate a search experience preview using App Search.
    • Download and customize this search experience for embedding into your own deployment.
  • Use Search UI React open source library to create a custom search experience and embed it into a web application.
  • Search API provides a REST API to use App Search capabilities from any application.
  • API clients provide libraries for communicating with App Search APIs using different programming languages. API clients makes easier for developers to create integrations with App Search.

Get started with the standard search application for Workplace Searchedit

Workplace Search provides a powerful and modern web-based search experience. See Searcher’s Guide to Workplace Search for a summary of all its capabilities.

You can use private sources in the private dashboard area. This allows you to customize your searchable content.

Build custom search experiences for Workplace Searchedit

You can also integrate Workplace Search into existing applications. This way, users will be able to access search results using their current tools, so there is no need for separate searching experiences.

See Building Custom Search Experiences to connect an existing enterprise application with Workplace Search.

You can use Search API and API clients to build custom search experiences on top of Workspace Search capabilities.