Put enrich policy APIedit

Creates an enrich policy.

PUT /_enrich/policy/my-policy
    "match": {
        "indices": "users",
        "match_field": "email",
        "enrich_fields": ["first_name", "last_name", "city", "zip", "state"]


PUT /_enrich/policy/<enrich-policy>


If you use Elasticsearch security features, you must have:

  • read index privileges for any indices used
  • The enrich_user built-in role


Use the put enrich policy API to create a new enrich policy.

Once created, you can’t update or change an enrich policy. Instead, you can:

  1. Create and execute a new enrich policy.
  2. Replace the previous enrich policy with the new enrich policy in any in-use enrich processors.
  3. Use the delete enrich policy API to delete the previous enrich policy.

Path parametersedit

(Required, string) Enrich policy name used to limit the request.

Request bodyedit


(Required, enrich policy object) Enrich policy used to match and add the right enrich data to the right incoming documents.

See Enrich policy definition for object definition and parameters.