Boosting queryedit

Returns documents matching a positive query while reducing the relevance score of documents that also match a negative query.

You can use the boosting query to demote certain documents without excluding them from the search results.

Example requestedit

GET /_search
    "query": {
        "boosting" : {
            "positive" : {
                "term" : {
                    "text" : "apple"
            "negative" : {
                 "term" : {
                     "text" : "pie tart fruit crumble tree"
            "negative_boost" : 0.5

Top-level parameters for boostingedit

(Required, query object) Query you wish to run. Any returned documents must match this query.

(Required, query object) Query used to decrease the relevance score of matching documents.

If a returned document matches the positive query and this query, the boosting query calculates the final relevance score for the document as follows:

  1. Take the original relevance score from the positive query.
  2. Multiply the score by the negative_boost value.
(Required, float) Floating point number between 0 and 1.0 used to decrease the relevance scores of documents matching the negative query.