Get machine learning info APIedit

Returns defaults and limits used by machine learning.


GET _xpack/ml/info


This endpoint is designed to be used by a user interface that needs to fully understand machine learning configurations where some options are not specified, meaning that the defaults should be used. This endpoint may be used to find out what those defaults are.


You must have monitor_ml, monitor, manage_ml, or manage cluster privileges to use this API. The machine_learning_admin and machine_learning_user roles provide these privileges. For more information, see Security Privileges and Built-in Roles.


The endpoint takes no arguments:

GET _xpack/ml/info

This is a possible response:

  "defaults" : {
    "anomaly_detectors" : {
      "model_memory_limit" : "1gb",
      "categorization_examples_limit" : 4,
      "model_snapshot_retention_days" : 1
    "datafeeds" : {
      "scroll_size" : 1000
  "limits" : { }