Preview Datafeeds APIedit

Previews a datafeed.


GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/<datafeed_id>/_preview


The preview datafeeds API returns the first "page" of results from the search that is created by using the current datafeed settings. This preview shows the structure of the data that will be passed to the anomaly detection engine.

Path Parametersedit

datafeed_id (required)
(string) Identifier for the datafeed


You must have monitor_ml, monitor, manage_ml, or manage cluster privileges to use this API. For more information, see Security privileges.

Security Integrationedit

When X-Pack security is enabled, the datafeed query will be previewed using the credentials of the user calling the preview datafeed API. When the datafeed is started it will run the query using the roles of the last user to create or update it. If the two sets of roles differ then the preview may not accurately reflect what the datafeed will return when started. To avoid such problems, the same user that creates/updates the datafeed should preview it to ensure it is returning the expected data.


The following example obtains a preview of the datafeed-farequote datafeed:

GET _xpack/ml/datafeeds/datafeed-farequote/_preview

The data that is returned for this example is as follows:

    "time": 1454803200000,
    "airline": "JZA",
    "doc_count": 5,
    "responsetime": 990.4628295898438
    "time": 1454803200000,
    "airline": "JBU",
    "doc_count": 23,
    "responsetime": 877.5927124023438
    "time": 1454803200000,
    "airline": "KLM",
    "doc_count": 42,
    "responsetime": 1355.481201171875