Elasticsearch X-Pack version 6.2.3

Bug Fixes

Machine Learning
  • Aligned reporting of index statistics that exist in the current cluster state. This fix avoids subtle race conditions in stats reporting.
  • Fixed handling of comments in XML documents [ESA-2018-07].
  • Fixed auditing such that when you use a local audit index, it maintains the mappings automatically. Maintenance is necessary, for example, when new fields are introduced or document types change.
  • Added and changed settings for the SAML NameID policy. For example, added the nameid.allow_create setting and changed the default value for the SPNameQualifier setting to blank. See SAML Authentication.
  • Fixed handling of an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL with existing query parameters. See SAML Authentication.
  • Fixed the PKI realm bootstrap check such that it works with secure settings. For more information, see Bootstrap Checks.
  • Fixed the serialization of failed hipchat messages, such that it no longer tries to write the status field twice.
  • Fixed TransformInput toXContent serialization errors. For more information, see Transforming Chained Input Data.