Settings changesedit

Remove support for elasticsearch.json and elasticsearch.yaml configuration fileedit

The configuration file found in the Elasticsearch config directory could previously have a .yml, .yaml or .json extension. Only elasticsearch.yml is now supported.

Duplicate keys in configuration fileedit

In previous versions of Elasticsearch, the configuration file was allowed to contain duplicate keys. For example:

  name: my-node

    rack: my-rack

In Elasticsearch 6.0.0, this is no longer permitted. Instead, this must be specified in a single key as:

  name: my-node
    rack: my-rack

Coercion of boolean settingsedit

Previously, Elasticsearch recognized the strings true, false, on, off, yes, no, 0, 1 as booleans. Elasticsearch 6.0 recognizes only true and false as boolean and will throw an error otherwise. For backwards compatibility purposes, during the 6.x series index settings on pre-6.0 indices will continue to work. Note that this does not apply to node-level settings that are stored in elasticsearch.yml.

Snapshot settingsedit

The internal setting cluster.routing.allocation.snapshot.relocation_enabled that allowed shards with running snapshots to be reallocated to different nodes has been removed. Enabling this setting could cause allocation issues if a shard got allocated off a node and then reallocated back to this node while a snapshot was running.

Store throttling settingsedit

Store throttling has been removed. As a consequence, the and cluster settings and the and index settings are not recognized anymore.

Store settingsedit

The default has been removed. If you were using it, we advise that you simply remove it from your index settings and Elasticsearch will use the best store implementation for your operating system.

Network settingsedit

The blocking TCP client, blocking TCP server, and blocking HTTP server have been removed. As a consequence, the network.tcp.blocking_server, network.tcp.blocking_client, network.tcp.blocking,transport.tcp.blocking_client, transport.tcp.blocking_server, and http.tcp.blocking_server settings are not recognized anymore.

The previously unused settings transport.netty.max_cumulation_buffer_capacity, transport.netty.max_composite_buffer_components and http.netty.max_cumulation_buffer_capacity have been removed.

Similarity settingsedit

The base similarity is now ignored as coords and query normalization have been removed. If provided, this setting will be ignored and issue a deprecation warning.

Script Settingsedit

All of the existing scripting security settings have been removed. Instead they are replaced with script.allowed_types and script.allowed_contexts.

The setting script.max_compilations_per_minute has been replaced with script.max_compilations_rate, which consists of a rate and a time value, for example 75/5m.

Discovery Settingsedit

The discovery.type settings no longer supports the values gce, aws and ec2. Integration with these platforms should be done by setting the discovery.zen.hosts_provider setting to one of those values.