Breaking changes in 6.0edit

This section discusses the changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to Elasticsearch 6.0.

Indices created before 6.0edit

Elasticsearch 6.0 can read indices created in version 5.0 or above. An Elasticsearch 6.0 node will not start in the presence of indices created in a version of Elasticsearch before 5.0.

Reindex indices from Elasticsearch 2.x or before

Indices created in Elasticsearch 2.x or before will need to be reindexed with Elasticsearch 5.x in order to be readable by Elasticsearch 6.x.

Multiple mapping types are not supported in indices created in 6.0

The ability to have multiple mapping types per index has been removed in 6.0. New indices will be restricted to a single type. This is the first step in the plan to remove mapping types altogether. Indices created in 5.x will continue to support multiple mapping types.

See Removal of mapping types for more information.

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