Shingle Token Filteredit

A token filter of type shingle that constructs shingles (token n-grams) from a token stream. In other words, it creates combinations of tokens as a single token. For example, the sentence "please divide this sentence into shingles" might be tokenized into shingles "please divide", "divide this", "this sentence", "sentence into", and "into shingles".

This filter handles position increments > 1 by inserting filler tokens (tokens with termtext "_"). It does not handle a position increment of 0.

The following are settings that can be set for a shingle token filter type:

Setting Description


The maximum shingle size. Defaults to 2.


The minimum shingle size. Defaults to 2.


If true the output will contain the input tokens (unigrams) as well as the shingles. Defaults to true.


If output_unigrams is false the output will contain the input tokens (unigrams) if no shingles are available. Note if output_unigrams is set to true this setting has no effect. Defaults to false.


The string to use when joining adjacent tokens to form a shingle. Defaults to " ".


The string to use as a replacement for each position at which there is no actual token in the stream. For instance this string is used if the position increment is greater than one when a stop filter is used together with the shingle filter. Defaults to "_"