action: snapshot
description: >-
  Snapshot selected indices to 'repository' with the snapshot name or name
  pattern in 'name'.  Use all other options as assigned
  # Leaving name blank will result in the default 'curator-%Y%m%d%H%M%S'
  ignore_unavailable: False
  include_global_state: True
  partial: False
  wait_for_completion: True
  skip_repo_fs_check: False
  continue_if_exception: False
  disable_action: False
- filtertype: ...

Empty values and commented lines will result in the default value, if any, being selected. If a setting is set, but not used by a given action, it will be ignored.

This action will snapshot indices to the indicated repository, with a name, or name pattern, as identified by name.

The other options are usually okay to leave at the defaults, but feel free to read about them and change them accordingly.

Required settingsedit

Optional settingsedit

See an example of this action in an actionfile here.