This setting is used by the alias, snapshot, and create_index actions.

The value of this setting is the name of the alias, snapshot, or index, depending on which action makes use of name.

This setting may contain a valid Python strftime string. Curator will extract the strftime identifiers and replace them with the corresponding values.

The Python strftime identifiers that Curator currently recognizes include:

  • Y: A 4 digit year
  • y: A 2 digit year
  • m: The 2 digit month
  • W: The 2 digit week of the year
  • d: The 2 digit day of the month
  • H: The 2 digit hour of the day, in 24 hour notation
  • M: The 2 digit minute of the hour
  • S: The 2 digit number of second of the minute
  • j: The 3 digit day of the year

This option is required by the alias action, and has no default setting in that context.

For the create_index action, there is no default setting.

For the snapshot action, the default value of this setting is curator-%Y%m%d%H%M%S