Getting started with securityedit

To secure a cluster, you must enable X-Pack security on every node in the cluster. Basic authentication is enabled by default—to communicate with the cluster, you must specify a username and password. Unless you enable anonymous access, all requests that don’t include a user name and password are rejected.

To get started with X-Pack security:

  1. Configure security in Elasticsearch. Encrypt inter-node communications, set passwords for the built-in users, and manage your users and roles.
  2. Configure security in Kibana. Set the authentication credentials in Kibana and encrypt communications between the browser and the Kibana server.
  3. Configure security in Logstash. Set the authentication credentials for Logstash and encrypt communications between Logstash and Elasticsearch.
  4. Configure security in the Beats. Configure authentication credentials and encrypt connections to Elasticsearch.
  5. Configure the Java transport client to use encrypted communications. See Java Client and Security.
  6. Configure Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop to use secured transport. See Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop Security.

Depending on your security requirements, you might also want to: