Restore a snapshotedit

For Elastic Stack versions 7.6 and above, for details about restoring a snapshot, check Snapshot and Restore.

For Elastic Stack versions 7.5 and below, use these steps to restore a snapshot:

  1. List the available snapshots, and open the timestamp link of a snapshot to get the snapshot details.
  2. Optional: In the Restore Snapshot section, specify how you want to restore the snapshot. If you do not specify any options, all the indices of the snapshot are restored on the Elasticsearch cluster where the snapshot was taken.

    Snapshot restore

    • In the Specify Indices field, you can limit which indices get restored by specifying a data view (note that in Elastic Stack versions 8.0 and higher, index patterns have been renamed to data views). For example, entering logstash-*,.kibana restores any indices starting with logstash- as well as the .kibana index. All other indices are ignored.
    • You might need to specify values in the Match and Replace with fields, if you restore to the same cluster, as you cannot restore to an index that already exists.
  1. Select Restore snapshot.

After the snapshot is restored, a brief message indicates that the operation was successful.