Snapshot and restoreedit

Snapshots are an efficient way to ensure that your Elasticsearch indices can be recovered in the event of an accidental deletion, or to migrate data across deployments.

The information here is specific to managing repositories and snapshots in Elasticsearch Service. We also support the Elasticsearch snapshot and restore API to back up your data. For details, consult the Snapshot and Restore documentation.

The snapshot lifecycle management API and the features associated with it are currently available only in the Elastic Stack version 7.6 and above.

When you create a cluster in Elasticsearch Service, a default repository called found-snapshots is automatically added to the cluster. This repository is specific to that cluster: the deployment ID is part of the repository’s base_path, i.e., /snapshots/[cluster-id].

Other repository options are available. You can:

To configure your cluster snapshot settings or perform a restore, see Work with snapshots.