Enterprise subscription self service, log in with Microsoft, bug fixes, and more now available

Enterprise subscription self service, log in with Microsoft, bug fixes, and more now availableedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • Enterprise subscription self service. You have been able to change subscription levels yourself for some time, but the Enterprise subscription level was not included in what was available for self service. With this latest release, you can now also change your subscription to or from the Enterprise level without needing to contact us. Learn more …​
  • Log in with Microsoft. To enable frictionless sign-ups and logins for Microsoft Azure users, we have added a Log in with Microsoft button on the Elastic Cloud sign-in page.
  • Easier access to account and billing information. You can now access your account and billing information directly from the user menu of the Elastic Cloud console.
  • Onboarding improvements. New trial users now land on the Create Deployment page on their first login instead of having to go through the Elastic Cloud console first.

Bug fixesedit

Fixed billing for some AWS instances. In regions that contain only R5d instances, we fixed a bug where those instances could show up incorrectly as R4 instances on your invoice or receipt. AWS R5d instances now show up correctly when you are billed.

Hide transient messages if any deployment resources are still being created. We made a change to hide some transient configuration messages while a deployment is still being created. This fix was introduced to reduce the noise from transient messages that get displayed in the UI.

Fixed snapshotting suspension after configuration changes. During configuration plan changes, we suspend automatic snapshotting so that snapshots do not conflict with any of the changes defined in the plan. There was a bug where, in some cases, this suspension was not lifted at the end of the plan change, which causes snapshotting to remain suspended. This bug fix ensures that snapshot suspension is always lifted on completion of a configuration change.

Breaking changeedit

Breaking change introduced in Cloud 7.9.2 Enterprise Search auth settings. For stack version 7.9.2 or later: We clarified in the documentation for Enterprise Search what additional settings are required when you set ent_search.auth.<auth_name>.source. Learn more …​

Service release: November 17, 2020