SSO for Enterprise Search, Elasticsearch setting support, UI changesedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • SSO for Enterprise Search. For Elastic Stack versions 7.9.2 and later, single sign-on (SSO) is now enabled between your Elasticsearch Service account and Enterprise Search instances. Once you are authenticated to your Elasticsearch Service account, you no longer need to log in separately to access Enterprise Search.
  • Support for indexing pressure settings. For Elastic Stack versions 7.9.2 and later, you can now configure the indexing_pressure.memory.limit. Check the supported Elasticsearch settings.

What’s changededit

Bug fixesedit

This version includes fixes for the following bugs and known issues:

  • Users who resubscribe couldn’t create deployments. Fixes an issue with creating a new deployment for Azure Marketplace users after they have subscribed, unsubscribed, and then resubscribed.
  • Invalid extensions causing bootlooping. Adds a validation for extensions and the associated files during configuration plan changes.
  • Removed noisy warning in allocator log file. Improves format detection and switches the parser accordingly to avoid the unnecessary warnings.
  • Extensions bundle handling during rolling changes. Allows upgrading dictionaries located in subdirectories of the bundle and preserves bundle information for in-place changes and when instances are vacated.
  • Invalid cookie errors. Improves browser cookie parsing, especially for cookies that don’t meet RFC 6265.
  • Marketplace pricing not updating. Updates the pricing calculator when the region changes to the correct pricing.
  • Unable to login with Safari browser. Allows Google Sign-On to your Elasticsearch Service account in Safari browsers.

Service release: October 29, 2020