Update billing and operational contactsedit

If different persons from your organization are involved in billing and operations, you can specify their relevant contact details in addition to the members set up on the account.

These additional contacts only receive billing or operational emails. You can also set a specific email address to receive monitoring alerts. Members of the account still receive both types of emails.

Operational contacts can only receive operational notifications, such as out-of-memory alerts. Operational and billing contacts can’t log in to Elasticsearch Service. To log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console, you must use the primary email address for your account or be a member of the account.

To update billing and operational contacts, or set an email address for monitoring alerts:

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Select the user icon on the header bar and choose Organization from the menu.
  3. On the Contacts page, you can specify multiple email addresses for each category. They become effective immediately and no further confirmation of the email addresses is required.