Update billing and operational contacts

In addition to a primary email address for your account, Elasticsearch Service also supports additional contact email addresses that you can specify for operations and billing.

Providing additional contact information is useful when more than one person from your organization is involved in billing and operations. For example, if emails about clusters that get restarted due to being overwhelmed should go to a different person than emails related to billing for the service, update these contacts as needed.

Before you begin

Operational contacts can only receive operational notifications, such as out-of-memory alerts. Operational and billing contacts can’t log into Elasticsearch Service. To log into the Elasticsearch Service Console, you must use the primary email address for your account.


To update billing and operational contacts:

  1. Sign in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Go to Account and then Profile.
  3. Under the operational or billing contacts, add or delete email addresses. Multiple email addresses can be specified for each category.

The changes to operational or billing contacts become effective immediately and no further confirmation of the email addresses is required.