Install the add-onedit

These steps walk you through installing the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku from the Heroku CLI. You can either install the latest default version of the add-on or you can install a specific version and include plugins at the same time.

Before you beginedit

The installation steps in this section assume that you have a basic working knowledge of the Heroku CLI and are familiar with using the command line. To work with the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku from the command line, you need to have the Heroku CLI already installed.

If you prefer to install the add-on through your web browser, go to the Elasticsearch add-on page in the Elements Marketplace, select Install Elasticsearch, pick the add-on plan you want, and select Provision add-on.


To install the latest add-on for MY_APP using the Heroku CLI:

heroku addons:create foundelasticsearch --app MY_APP

After the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku gets added, you can find the canonical URL you use to access your newly provisioned cluster in the configuration for the app. Look for the FOUNDELASTICSEARCH_URL setting when you grep on the output of the heroku config command:

heroku config --app MY_APP | grep FOUNDELASTICSEARCH_URL