Install a specific version and plugins

If you want your add-on to run a specific version of Elasticsearch, use the --elasticsearch-version parameter. We also provide many of the plugins that are available for Elasticsearch. You use the --plugins parameter to specify a comma-separated list of plugins that you want installed.

The Elasticsearch versions and plugins that are available change from time to time. If you are not sure what is currently available, you can omit the version to default to the latest one and add plugins later on from the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku console without downtime. If you need to use your own custom plugins, you can upload and select these plugins in the console as well.

For example: Install the add-on version 6.8.3 and include the phonetic analysis plugin for MY_APP:

heroku addons:create foundelasticsearch --elasticsearch-version 6.8.3 --plugins analysis-phonetic --app MY_APP

After the add-on gets added, you can perform future version upgrades and plugin changes through the console.