Introducing Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku


Introducing Elasticsearch Add-On for Herokuedit

This documentation applies to Heroku users who want to make use of the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku that is available from the Heroku Dashboard or that can be installed from the CLI.

The add-on runs on the Elasticsearch Service and provides access to Elasticsearch, the free and open, distributed, RESTful search engine. Many other features of the Elastic Stack are also readily available to Heroku users through the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku console after you install the add-on. For example, you can use Kibana to visualize your Elasticsearch data.

Elasticsearch Machine Learning, Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic APM and Elastic Fleet Server are not supported by the Elasticsearch Add-On for Heroku.

To learn more about what plans are available for Heroku users and their cost, check the Elasticsearch add-on in the Elements Marketplace.