Enable cross-cluster search and cross-cluster replicationedit

Cross-cluster search (CCS) allows you to configure multiple remote clusters across different locations and to enable federated search queries across all of the configured remote clusters.

Cross-cluster replication (CCR) allows you to replicate indices across multiple remote clusters regardless of where they’re located. This provides tremendous benefit in scenarios of disaster recovery or data locality.

These remote clusters could be:

  • Another Elasticsearch cluster of your ECE installation
  • An Elasticsearch cluster in a remote ECE installation
  • An Elasticsearch cluster hosted on Elastic Cloud
  • Any other self-managed Elasticsearch cluster

These steps describe how to configure remote clusters. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to run CCS queries from Elasticsearch or set up CCR.

We’ve deprecated the cross-cluster search template, so you no longer need to use the dedicated cross-cluster search template to search across clusters. You can now use any template to configure remote clusters and search across them when using stack version 6.7 or above. Existing deployments created using this template are not affected by this change, but they need to migrate to another template before upgrading to the next 8.0 major version.


To use CCS or CCR, your environment must meet the following criteria:

The deprecated CCS Deployment Template supports CCS for deployments in version 6.1.x and above without the need to have proxies and load balancers answer on port 9400. However, these remote clusters must be in the same ECE environment and they do not support Cross-cluster Replication. Read more about migrating your deployments using the CCS Deployment Template.