Migrate the cross-cluster search deployment templateedit

The cross-cluster search deployment template is now deprecated and will be removed in 3.0. You no longer need to use the dedicated cross-cluster template to search across deployments. Instead, you can now use any template to configure remote clusters and search across them when using stack version 6.7 or above. Existing deployments created using this template are not affected, but they are required to migrate to another template before upgrading to the next 8.0 major version.

In order to migrate your existing CCS deployment using the CCS Deployment template to the new mechanism which supports CCR and cross-environment remote clusters you will need to migrate your data a new deployment following these steps.

Use a snapshot to migrate deployments that use the cross-cluster search deployment templateedit

You can make this change in the user Cloud UI. The only drawback of this method is that it changes the URL used to access the Elasticsearch cluster and Kibana.

  1. The first step for any approach is to remove the remote clusters from your deployment. You will need to add them back later.
  2. From the deployment menu, open the Snapshots page and select Take Snapshot now. Wait for the snapshot to finish.
  3. From the main Deployments page, choose Create deployment and select any available template. Expand Deployment settings to choose a Snapshot source, and then select your deployment and the snapshot that you created.

    Create a Deployment using a snapshot
  4. Finally, configure the remote clusters using Kibana or the Cloud API.