Run ECE diagnostics tooledit

ECE diagnostics is a command line tool that you can run on the host where the ECE instance is installed. It collects logs and metrics, and stores everything into an archive file that can be provided to Elastic support for troubleshooting and investigation purposes.

The ECE diagnostics tool is currently available for ECE version 3.2 onwards.

How to useedit

The ECE diagnostics tool is bundled in ECE images, and you can use it by following these instructions:

  1. Export it from a running Docker container to the host you have to troubleshoot:

    docker cp frc-runners-runner:/elastic_cloud_apps/ece-diagnostics/ece-diagnostics .
  2. Run it:

    ./ece-diagnostics run

This tool supports various command line flags. You can also run it with -h or --help to print all available subcommands and options:

./ece-diagnostics --help


After you run the ECE diagnostics tool on the host you want to troubleshoot, you might get an output similar to this one:

✓ collected information on certificates (took: 104ms)
✓ collected information on client-forwarder connectivity (took: 369ms)
✓ collected API information for ECE and Elasticsearch (took: 9.117s)
✓ collected ZooKeeper stats (took: 9.146s)
✓ collected ECE metricbeat data (took: 12.534s)
✓ collected system information (took: 12.992s)
✓ collected host logs for ECE (took: 29.222s)
✓ collected Docker info and logs (took: 29.246s)
Finished creating file: /tmp/ecediag- (total: 48.937s)