The query that matches documents with fields that contain terms within a specified range.


boost (number as float)
An optional boost value to apply to the query.
format (string)
Formatted dates will be parsed using the format specified on the date field by default, but it can be overridden by passing the format parameter.
gt (object)
gte (object)
Greater-than or equal to
lt (object)
lte (object)
Less-than or equal to.
time_zone (string)
Dates can be converted from another timezone to UTC either by specifying the time zone in the date value itself (if the format accepts it), or it can be specified as the time_zone parameter.


   "boost" : 0.1,
   "format" : "string",
   "gt" : {},
   "gte" : {},
   "lt" : {},
   "lte" : {},
   "time_zone" : "string"