Get adminconsolesedit

Retrieves an overview of all adminconsoles.


GET /api/v1/platform/infrastructure/adminconsoles



(AdminconsolesOverview) An overview of all adminconsoles.


x-cloud-resource-created (string)
The date-time when the resource was created (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-last-modified (string)
The date-time when the resource was last modified (ISO format relative to UTC)
x-cloud-resource-version (string)
The resource version, which is used to avoid update conflicts with concurrent operations

To perform this operation, you must be authenticated by means of one of the following methods: apiKey, basicAuth.

Request exampleedit

curl -XGET https://{{hostname}}/api/v1/platform/infrastructure/adminconsoles \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey $ECE_API_KEY"