Preparing your environmentedit

Get ready for Elastic Cloud Enterprise by preparing your environment for installation. To make getting ready easier for you, we have provided tried-and-tested instructions for both Linux distributions and Cloud platforms.

Instructions for using Linux distributions with your own hosts:

Instructions for using Cloud platforms:

Instructions for configuration management tools:

If you want to install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on your own hosts, the steps for preparing your hosts can take a bit of time. There are two ways you can approach this:

  • Think like a minimalist: Install the correct version of Docker on hosts that meet the prerequisites for Elastic Cloud Enterprise, then skip ahead and install Elastic Cloud Enterprise. This approach is similar to the Quick Start Guide. Be aware that some checks during the installation can fail with this approach, which will mean doing further host preparation work before retrying the installation.
  • Cover your bases: If you want to make absolutely sure that your installation of Elastic Cloud Enterprise can succeed on hosts that meet the prerequisites, or if any of the checks during the installation failed previously, run through the full preparation steps in this section and then and install Elastic Cloud Enterprise. You’ll do a bit more work now, but life will be simpler later on.

Regardless of which approach you take, the steps in this section need to be performed on every host that you want to use with Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Other cloud or virtual machine environments can also be used, provided that you prepare them to meet the prerequisites.