calm_wait_time (integer as int64)
This timeout determines how long to give a cluster after it responds to API calls before performing actual operations on it. It defaults to 5s
cluster_reboot (string; allowed values: [forced])
Set to 'forced' to force a reboot as part of the upgrade plan
extended_maintenance (boolean)
If true (default false), does not clear the maintenance flag (which prevents its API from being accessed except by the constructor) on new instances added until after a snapshot has been restored, otherwise, the maintenance flag is cleared once the new instances successfully join the new cluster
move_allocators (array[AllocatorMoveRequest])
move_instances (array[InstanceMoveRequest])
preferred_allocators (array[string])
List of allocators on which instances are placed if possible (if not possible/not specified then any available allocator with space is used)
reallocate_instances (boolean)
If true (default: false) does not allow re-using any existing instances currently in the cluster, ie even unchanged instances will be re-created
timeout (integer as int64)
The total timeout in seconds after which the plan is cancelled even if it is not complete. Defaults to 4x the max memory capacity per node (in MB)