attempt_end_time (string as date-time)
If this plan completed or failed (ie is not pending), when the attempt ended (ISO format in UTC)
attempt_start_time (string as date-time, required)
When this plan attempt (ie to apply the plan to the cluster) started (ISO format in UTC)
healthy (boolean, required)
Either the plan ended successfully, or is not yet completed (and no errors have occurred)
plan (KibanaClusterPlan, required)
plan_attempt_id (string)
A UUID for each plan attempt
plan_attempt_log (array[ClusterPlanStepInfo], required)
plan_attempt_name (string)
A human readable name for each plan attempt, only populated when retrieving plan histories
plan_end_time (string as date-time)
If this plan is not current or pending, when the plan was no longer active (ISO format in UTC)
source (ChangeSourceInfo, required)
A container for information about the source of a change.