compression (boolean)
Controls whether HTTP API responses are compressed (default: true). NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'http.compression')
cors_allow_credentials (boolean)
Whether the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header should be returned. Note: This header is only returned, when the setting is set to true. Defaults to false. NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'http.cors.allow-credentials')
cors_allow_headers (string)
Which headers to allow. Defaults to "X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Content-Length". NOTES: (The string is inserted into the value for header 'http.cors.allow-headers')
cors_allow_methods (string)
Which methods to allow. Defaults to "OPTIONS, HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE". NOTES: (The string is inserted into the value for header 'http.cors.allow-methods')
cors_allow_origin (string)
Which origins to allow. Defaults to no origins allowed. If you prepend and append a / to the value, this will be treated as a regular expression, allowing you to support HTTP and HTTPs. for example using /https?:\/\/localhost(:[0-9]+)?/ would return the request header appropriately in both cases. * is a valid value but is considered a security risk as your elasticsearch instance is open to cross origin requests from anywhere. NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'http.cors.allow-origin')
cors_enabled (boolean)
Enables or disables (default is disabled) CORS support - see CORS documentation. NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'http.cors.enabled')
cors_max_age (integer as int32)
Browsers send a "preflight" OPTIONS-request to determine CORS settings. max-age defines how long the result should be cached for. Defaults to 1728000 (20 days). NOTES: (Corresponds to the parameter 'http.cors.max-age')