cluster_topology (array[ElasticsearchClusterTopologyElement], required)
elasticsearch (ElasticsearchConfiguration)
Defines the Elasticsearch cluster settings. (If specified at the top level provides a field-by-field default; at the topology level provides the overrides)
tiebreaker_override (boolean)
Whether to add a tiebreaker node in an unused zone (defaults to auto-decide based on topology). If master nodes are specified then this cannot be left blank, you must explictly decide true or false.
tiebreaker_topology (TiebreakerTopologyElement, required)
Defines the topology (capacity and location) of the special tiebreaker node. If masters nodes are present, their topology acts as a default for the tiebreaker topology
transient (TransientElasticsearchPlanConfiguration)
Defines configuration parameters that control how the plan (ie consisting of the cluster topology and Elasticsearch settings) is applied
zone_count (integer as int32)
The default number of zones in which data nodes will be placed, if not specified in the per topology settings