Configure the File outputedit

The File output dumps the transactions into a file where each transaction is in a JSON format. Currently, this output is used for testing, but it can be used as input for Logstash.

  path: "/tmp/heartbeat"
  filename: heartbeat
  #rotate_every_kb: 10000
  #number_of_files: 7
  #permissions: 0600

Configuration optionsedit

You can specify the following options in the file section of the heartbeat.yml config file:


The enabled config is a boolean setting to enable or disable the output. If set to false, the output is disabled.

The default value is true.


The path to the directory where the generated files will be saved. This option is mandatory.


The name of the generated files. The default is set to the Beat name. For example, the files generated by default for Heartbeat would be "heartbeat", "heartbeat.1", "heartbeat.2", and so on.


The maximum size in kilobytes of each file. When this size is reached, the files are rotated. The default value is 10240 KB.


The maximum number of files to save under path. When this number of files is reached, the oldest file is deleted, and the rest of the files are shifted from last to first. The number of files must be between 2 and 1024. The default is 7.


Permissions to use for file creation. The default is 0600.


Output codec configuration. If the codec section is missing, events will be json encoded.

See Change the output codec for more information.