APM Server version 7.7edit

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APM Server version 7.7.1edit

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No significant changes.

APM Server version 7.7.0edit

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Breaking Changesedit

  • Remove enroll subcommand 3270.

Bug fixesedit

  • Merge default values with custom Elasticsearch config for API Keys and add required tag for host 3342
  • Merge default values with custom Sourcemap Elasticsearch config 3355

Intake API Changesedit

  • Add transfer_size, encoded_body_size and decoded_body_size to transaction.context.http.response 3327
  • Add transfer_size, encoded_body_size, decoded_body_size and headers to span.context.http.response 3327
  • Deprecate span.context.http.status_code in favor of newly introduced span.context.http.response.status_code 3327


  • Instrumentation for go-elasticsearch 3305
  • Make the list of Access-Control-Allow-Headers for RUM preflight requests configurable 3299
  • Instrumentation for kibana client 3359
  • Added support for Jaeger auth tags 3394
  • Add pipeline for removing metadata fields from spans 3408
  • Add gRPC sampling endpoint for Jaeger 3490
  • Change default value for apm-server.ssl.client_authentication from optional to none 3500
  • Enabled instrumentation of sourcemaps 3515
  • Upgrade Go to 1.13.9 3539