Documentation directoryedit

The following sections are designed to guide you through the available Elastic APM documentation.

APM Overviewedit

You’re here! The APM Overview is your launchpad for getting started with APM. We recommend reading through this documentation to gain a deeper understanding of the Elastic APM ecosystem.

Want to skip straight to installation? Simply use an existing cluster or grab a fresh installation of the Elastic Stack, spin up an APM Server, and add a bit of code to instrument your app with agents. Full details are available on the install and run page.

APM Serveredit

The APM Server receives data from APM agents and converts that data into Elasticsearch documents. The APM Server reference provides everything you need when it comes to working with the server. Here you can learn about installation, configuration, security, monitoring, and more.

APM Agentsedit

APM agents are open source libraries that you install into your services. You may only need one, or you might use all of them. Each agent has its own documentation:

APM Kibana UIedit

Application performance monitoring is all about visualizing data and detecting bottlenecks, so it’s crucial you understand how to use the Kibana APM UI. The following sections will help you get started:

APM also has built-in integrations with Machine Learning. To learn more about this feature, refer to the Kibana UI documentation for Machine learning integration.

If you’d like to dive deeper into Kibana, the general Kibana documentation is also helpful.


If you run into trouble, there are three places you can look for help: Troubleshooting documentation, GitHub repositories, and our discussion forum.

Troubleshooting documentationedit

The APM Server and some of the APM agents have troubleshooting guides:

GitHub repositoriesedit

Elastic APM is open source! Our GitHub repositories have a plethora of knowledge available in the form of code, issues, and PRs.

Discussion forumedit

For additional questions and feature requests, visit our discussion forum.