Upgrade to v3.xedit

The following is a guide on upgrading your Node.js agent from version 2.x to version 3.x.


Version 3.0.0 of the Node.js agent supports Node.js v8 (from v8.6.0 and onwards), v10, and v12.

Config optionsedit

The disableInstrumentations config option now behaves differently if given the values http and/or https. Previously this would disable tracing of incoming and outgoing requests. Now this config option only deals with outgoing requests. To disable tracing of incoming http(s) requests, use the new instrumentIncomingHTTPRequests config option.

It’s now possible to make use of manual instrumention while the instrument config option is set to false. This means that calls to for instance apm.startTransaction() or apm.startSpan() will produce transactions and spans even if instrument is set to false.

API changesedit

The type associated with transactions and spans is no longer dot-separated. Instead the type property has been split into three distinct properties: type, subtype, and action. This has resulted in changes to the following API’s:

The following deprecated API’s has been removed:

Changes in collected dataedit

When instrumenting a GraphQL server that is run by either apollo-server-express or express-graphql, the Transaction type is now graphql instead of request.

All Spans whose type was previously ext is now external.