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Need a hand recruiting moral or financial support for your Elastic{ON} Tour ticket? We’ve got a few words to get you started. Customize this email and share your Elastic{ON} vision with anyone who needs to sign off.

Subject: I’d like to attend ElasticON

Hi there,

There’s an ElasticON event happening nearby, and I’d like to attend as part of my professional development. This is a highly localized, one-day event (plus an optional two days of hands-on technical training), and it’s the only place where I can get:

  • A preview of Elastic product roadmaps and areas that will directly impact us
  • Insight into upgrade paths in technical deep dive presentations on topics like cybersecurity, site search, logging, security analytics, and APM
  • Expert, in-person advice from Elastic engineers on tuning and architecting our deployment
  • A look at other technologies in the Elasticsearch ecosystem, including machine learning, enterprise management, and cloud options (self-managed, AWS or GCP, private cloud)
  • Time to talk with local users who are architecting and scaling Elasticsearch deployments for logging as a service, application search, monitoring, cybersecurity, and more

I can buy a one-day ticket or purchase a two-day training course (happening during the same week) and receive my Elastic{ON} Tour ticket free of charge. I’ll receive a free on-demand training course valued at $200 USD in Elasticsearch security, machine learning, or Elastic Cloud Enterprise administration with either registration.

More information is available on the ElasticON page. These events have sold out quickly in the past, so I’d like to register soon. Here are my estimated costs:

Training Course (Optional):
Travel (Optional):
Hotel (Optional):

Let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.


[Your Name]

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