Between Two Ferns with XO Group

Marty Messer, Elastic VP of Customer Care, chats with Irina Krechmer and Emad Saghir of the XO Group — the fine folks behind theKnot, theBumb, & theNest — for a fireside chat about how switching to Elasticsearch dramatically improved the user experience across Plus a look into what's next for the XO Group and how Elasticsearch is coming along for the ride.

Irina Krechmer

Irina Krechmer is the VP of Engineering at XO Group Inc., the premier consumer media and technology company devoted to weddings, babies and everything in between. Irina began her career as a software developer, progressing rapidly to embrace larger roles leading software development teams focused on the development of web applications. Most recently, Irina was at Amplify, where she held the role of Executive Director of Software Engineering. Her teams focused on delivering tools and services to students and educators through the extensive and innovative use of data, which were designed to improve the educators' ability to teach and test students. Prior to that, Irina was at Redcats USA, a global online home shopping retailer with a number of sites and brands, where she initially held the position of Director of Online Development and progressed into the position of Director of Enterprise Platform Engineering, where she spearheaded their global e-commerce platform implementation.

Emad Saghir

Emad Saghir is a Technical Product Manager at XO Group Inc., the premier consumer media technology company devoted to weddings, babies and everything in between. Emad began his career as a software engineer and was quickly recognized for his leadership skills, placing him in award-winning leadership and management roles at CSC, a fortune 500 company. After working at several consulting companies as an engineering leader and architect, Emad made the leap into the startup world by co-founding Hoppit, a personalized restaurant search engine. As CTO of Hoppit, Emad established a proprietary recommendation engine that used NLP to distill the intent of millions of reviews into a handful of ambience tags associated to each restaurant. The company was acquired by XO Group Inc., where Emad continues to apply his expertise in user intent and data engineering to lead initiatives around search and recommendations.

Marty Messer

Marty Messer has spent 20 years in the open source world helping customers get significant value from free software. Marty joined Elastic in April 2014, and is responsible for ensuring customer success and satisfaction. Previously, he held similar roles at Red Hat, Hyperic, SpringSource, and VMware.