Between Two Ferns with TrueCar

Marty Messer, Elastic VP of Customer Care, chats with Russ Foltz-Smith, GM of Data Products, about the growth and innovation around search and analytics at TrueCar.

Russ Foltz-Smith

Russ is the GM, Data Products at TrueCar. He oversees the creation and operation of the data platform. Prior to TrueCar Russ held product, business and technical leadership positions focused on large scale search and computational platforms at Wolfram Alpha, InteractiveCorp/IAC, Grind Networks and He has launched several startups and helped venture firms evaluate new technologies and startups. Outside of business pursuits he expresses ideas about philosophy, behavior, learning theory through various writing and generative art activities. Russ lives in Marina del Rey, CA with his wife and two daughters where they have started an alternative school for 1st - 8th grades.

Marty Messer

Marty Messer has spent 20 years in the open source world helping customers get significant value from free software. Marty joined Elastic in April 2014, and is responsible for ensuring customer success and satisfaction. Previously, he held similar roles at Red Hat, Hyperic, SpringSource, and VMware.