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sessions by Elastic experts, partners, and customers

The Elastic Search Platform: Put your data to work to solve with the power of search

Think about all the data your organization generates and consumes. Among all that noise, how can you find the right information at the right time to keep employees productive, systems up and performing, and infrastructure secure? It’s possible with a search platform.

Join our keynote session to learn how the latest developments in the Elastic Search Platform, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud, are helping organizations exceed customer expectations, identify and resolve application and infrastructure issues, and protect and defend business investments. We will dive deep into the roadmap for what is ahead for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud, and more.

Steve KearnsVice President, Product ManagementElastic
Uri CohenSenior Director, Product ManagementElastic
Alona NadlerSenior Manager, Product ManagementElastic
Mukesh GadiyaProduct Management, ObservabilityElastic
Quin HoxieElasticsearch Tech LeadElastic

Rethinking Observability with Elastic Machine Learning and statistics

Cut through the AIOps marketing buzz, and see real examples of how the Elastic Stack and the Observability solution can be used to search for insights into the behaviour of your systems.

Steve DodsonDistinguished Engineer IIElastic

Get the crawl rolling: Indexing with the Elastic web crawler

The easiest way to index and search your website is with the new Elastic web crawler, which automatically crawls your site and finds all of your content, instantly making it searchable. Join our product team for a quick tour of all of the new features we’ve added, along with a demo on how to get started with this low-code tool.

Markus KloseSenior Solutions ArchitectElastic
Animesh BansriyarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectElastic

Microservice choreography and triaging errors with Elastic Observability and the Elastic Stack

Brolly is Australia’s leading social media archiving service, comprising dozens of microservices deployed to Kubernetes. Learn how Brolly leverages the Elastic Stack to collect pod and infrastructure logs, keep track of failures in the data pipeline, and identify and recover from errors.

Salman AhmedSolutions ArchitectBrolly
Omid MirzaeiSoftware EngineerBrolly

Monitoring your endpoints with osquery and Elastic

Interested in learning about how to use osquery in Elastic to gain insight into your endpoints and increase your analytical power? See how easy it is to deploy osquery across all of your Elastic Agents, run ad hoc queries, and schedule recurring queries to gain visibility across your infrastructure.

Melissa BurpoSecurity Solutions, Product ManagerElastic

Doing more with time series visualizations in Kibana

In this interactive session, learn how to explore time (and space!) in Kibana including recently-added advanced features, like custom formulas and time shifts, that provide even more tools to visualize time series data.

Graham HudginsPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

Optimize your data lifecycle to deliver the maximum value at the lowest cost

As your data volume grows, so does your need to balance rising storage costs with acceptable search performance. Use Index lifecycle management (ILM) policies in the Elastic Stack to automate the management of your data lifecycle across different storage tiers based on your retention requirements.

Sajjad AhmedProduct Lead, ElasticsearchElastic
Yulia CechSoftware EngineerElastic

Secure Stack deployments: The latest and the future

We are continuously working on enhancing the security features of your deployments and increasing their usability. This talk will discuss our vision for Stack security and demonstrate a number of exciting features based on a use-case.

Fabio BusattoPrincipal Product Manager IElastic
Aris PapadopoulosSenior Product ManagerElastic

Easy button: Agentless data ingestion from GCP, Azure, and AWS

Find out how you can seamlessly ingest data directly from GCP, Azure, and AWS services to Elastic Cloud clusters without installing Beats or Elastic Agent.

Michael YangDirector of ProductElastic
Suyog RaoDirector of EngineeringElastic

Implementing multi-cloud observability using the Elastic Stack

A detailed description of Expedient's journey toward multi-cloud observability and an improved client experience.

Mike GaruccioProduct Strategy EngineerExpedient

Elastic Security: From emulation to detection

When responding to the latest threats, the Elastic end-to-end experience is critical in protecting business and personal devices. In this talk, we'll start by setting up our Elastic Stack, emulating adversary tradecraft, turning on detections, triaging alerts, and then responding — all while emphasizing the seamless experience Elastic Security provides.

Paul EwingPrincipal Product Manager, Elastic SecurityElastic
James SpiteriPrincipal Product Marketing Manager, SecurityElastic

SOC-as-a-Service for everyone

Often customers, especially in the Mid-Sized segment, find it extremely challenging to implement and maintain a SOC for both financial and capability reasons. In this talk we run through how we built an effective SOC-as-a-Service platform offering for our customers using Elastic Security capabilities. Some of the challenges we faced and some of the learnings we came out with at the end of just over a year of operations.

Bhowmik ShahCo-Founder and CTOCyberNX

Asset tracking and location intelligence with the Elastic Stack

Do you work with sensors or moving objects? Learn how to use the Elastic Stack to build a location-aware, operational dashboard in less than 15 minutes. You’ll learn how to set up a geospatial alert, how best to visualize and track moving entities, and a few other tricks along the way.

Amy GhateSenior Solutions ArchitectElastic

Deep dive on how to monitor Microsoft Azure infrastructure and workloads using the native Elasticsearch integration

Elasticsearch is natively integrated in the Azure portal. In this session you will learn how you can easily configure Elasticsearch to monitor the health, performance, and security of your infrastructure and workloads within your Azure environment.

Osman IshaqPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

Fusing Elasticsearch with neural networks to identify personal data

A critical aspect of incorporating data privacy is the process of classifying personal or sensitive data. The personal data protection (PDP) annotation system provides a solution to automatically classify columns of data in databases at Twitter. Listen in as we explore the annotation system that combines Elasticsearch queries with a neural network to provide probabilistically calibrated predictions on PDP data types for every column.

Ryan TurnerSenior ML ResearcherTwitter
Rakshit WadhwaSenior Software EngineerTwitter

Monitoring Kubernetes with Elastic Observability

Learn how to use Elastic Observability to get the best vision on your Kubernetes clusters and the applications that you run on them.

Akshay SaraswatPrincipal Product Manager, ObservabilityElastic
Christos MarkouSoftware Engineer, Observability - Logs & MetricsElastic

How General Motors uses Elasticsearch to drive customer experience

Colby Weber, a Lead DevOps Engineer at General Motors will be speaking on how General Motors leverages Elasticsearch as a primary datastore to drive a consistent customer experience across multiple General Motors platforms.

Colby WeberLead DevOps EngineerGeneral Motors

Adventures in using ELK to keep the lights on

Industrial control systems form the fabric of society that enables efficiency and assures our quality of life. This talk explores how cybersecurity firm Insane Forensics uses Elastic to secure industrial control systems. Join to learn about their primary security challenges, best practices, and lessons learned.

Dan GunterFounder & CEOInsane Forensics

How to query a petabyte of cloud storage in minutes - A technical deep dive on searchable snapshots

Searchable snapshots are powering Elastic’s cold and frozen data tiers, allowing you to search data in cloud storage at an unprecedented speed and scale. In this technical deep dive session we will look at the key components of searchable snapshots that make querying on blob stores fast, as well as provide some best practices for using this powerful feature.

Yannick WelschSenior Principal EngineerElastic

Take me down to the paradise city where data streams are easy with storage to infinity

Analyzing data streams as they happen is no small feat. Anyone involved in projects like this using streaming-ish technologies such as Kafka, Pulsar, Flink, and others knows that we're talking about months until the delivery of something concrete can happen. But what if there is an easier way?

Ricardo FerreiraPrincipal Developer AdvocateElastic

Observability technology preview: New and exciting innovation from the Elastic Observability team

We'll showcase a few of the ideas and early prototypes we are working on in the Elastic Observability team.

Craig ConboyDistinguished Engineer and Observability Tech LeadElastic
Dario GieselaarSenior Software EngineerElastic
Noémi VányiSoftware Development EngineerElastic
Victor MartinezPrincipal Software EngineerElastic

Customer Zero: Elastic's infosec team protects the organisation with Elastic Security

In this talk, well cover in detail how the Elastic InfoSec Detections team uses the many features of Elastic Stack to create, monitor, detect, and respond to security alerts. You'll learn some challenges of monitoring a remote worldwide workforce and securing a multi-cloud SaaS environment.

Aaron JewittPrincipal Security AnalystElastic

Actionable Kibana with workflows and collaboration

Kibana will strengthen and support your custom workflows end-to-end: in Elastic, we want you to be able to act on your analytics insights anywhere in Kibana and shape it according to your needs. In addition, you can integrate your workflows easily across an array of prominent external systems.

Aris PapadopoulosSenior Product ManagerElastic
Jason BurnsPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

It's more than the algorithm, it's all about the workflow! A walk through anomaly detection using Elastic's Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection is an important part of Elastic solutions to help you detect and understand unusual patterns in your data. In Observability anomaly detection can learn normal data patterns and highlight spikes or drops in important indicators. When looking at Security data anomaly detection can help identify unusual events or users. In this session we will show you how you can customize anomaly detection jobs for better results.

Tom GrabowskiPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

Data streams & pipelines: Observing with the Elastic Stack

A demo on how to make data pipelines observable with the Elastic Stack. Pipelines are usually distributed systems comprised of complex business logic and 3rd party systems. I will present real-world examples of Elastic is used for observing and 'explain away' data pipelines and stream processors

Pete HamptonData EngineerElastic

Better visualizations in Kibana

During this session, we'll take you on a tour of visualization highlights in Kibana. We'll focus on tools that you can use today and share information to make your life easier while using Kibana. Come to sit back, relax, and follow along on your data set with tools like Discover, Lens, Canvas, Maps, and more. Or use demo data in a free Elastic Cloud trial to follow along.

Shaun McGoughPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

Monitoring timeliness of regulatory reporting using the Elastic Stack

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) currently uses the Elastic Stack for real time and historical analysis of timeliness and quality of regulatory reporting. As any major financial institution, CIBC has an obligation to report all Capital Market transactions to various global regulators. Considering the strict submission requirements, the many applications involved, and the ever-growing amount of data processed, this task is not trivial and requires rigorous monitoring. Learn more about how CIBC designed and implemented timeliness monitoring solution using the Elastic Stack.

Leonid LandsmanDirector, Application DevelopmentCIBC
Edwin LimSenior Application DeveloperCIBC

Using the Elastic Stack to define service level indicators and objectives (SLIs/SLOs) for Elastic Cloud

Using the Elastic Stack (Beats, Logstash, APM, Kibana, and Elasticsearch) to create, monitor, and alert on SLIs and SLOs for the Elastic Cloud platform.

Stephanie JacksonReliability Tech Lead for Elastic CloudElastic

Search and discovery at Adobe powered by ML and Elasticsearch

Search & Discovery team's vision is to be a constant assistant in the whole creative journey of the user, right from the user thinking about an idea, all the way to creation and beyond. This goal is achieved by helping users actively looking into billions of content pieces in an intuitive way, narrowing down their search through multi-modal search capabilities (Text, Images, Video, Audio, Vectors, etc.), anticipating user's next move through smart recommendations, letting them achieve success by one click creative suggestions and personalized recommendations matching their needs in the whole Adobe ecosystem. This talk will cover the scope of use cases and deep dive into key machine learning technologies all running on top of elastic search engine. If you want to apply machine learning at scale for search & recommendation use cases, join us to learn more.

Gaurav KukalDirector of Engineering, Search & SenseiAdobe

Designing and creating a state-of-the-art AIOps solution with Elastic

In this session we will go over our journey during the design and creation of the Tuuring state-of-the-art AIOps solution dedicated to digital performance. We'll highlight our major breakthroughs, lessons learned, how Elastic powers the solution and the value it brings for our customers.

Eric van WijheCommercial DirectorTuuring
Pierre van ElswijkCEO and Co-founderTuuring

Elastic as a monitor of monitors at SAP

Monitor of Monitors (MoM) is the result of SAP's journey to enrich and aggregate alerting data across the enterprise to create an extensible single pane of glass that helps correlate issues across a complex array of cloud landscapes and platforms.

Shea MartensPrincipal Technology Consultant - Service Reliability EngineeringSAP

From zero to hero: Developing a cybersecurity program from scratch with Elastic

During this session, we'll take the audience through the process of developing and maintaining an effective cybersecurity program using Elastic. Pulling from experience in supervising financial sector cybersecurity regulatory compliance, you'll come away with how to establish framework and data sources selection, report proper risk metrics to the board, and finally, achieving efficient security operations.

James Paul Pichardo LezmaCISOSupertintendency of Banks, Dominican Republic

Creating fields on the fly in Kibana with runtime fields

It's easier than ever to transform data on the fly in Kibana. runtime fields unlock the power to extract and transform existing data at runtime to use in visualizations while reducing storage and re-indexing. Join us to learn how to create and use runtime fields and how runtime fields impact storage and performance.

Jason BurnsPrincipal Product ManagerElastic
Gilad GalProduct Manager, ElasticsearchElastic

Recipes, Elasticsearch. More recipes, morphood + Elasticsearch

Shay Banon created Elasticsearch by building a search engine for his wife's growing list of recipes. Morphood has created a web app for recipes using Elasticsearch. We index over a million recipes from hundreds of sites and can return search results in milliseconds.

Join this session to listen to our journey and get inspired!

Fred KufnerCo-Foundermorphood

Seven tricks to building fast, reliable search data integrations

So you're building a new search experience and want to make sure your content is discoverable? What sounds simple, is often more complex–especially when it comes to data integration. In this session, we'll break down seven critical factors you should consider before starting your project. We’ll share Elastic’s hard-won expertise, common pitfalls, and best practices for building custom integrations optimal for search.

Jonas LavoieProduct Lead - Workplace SearchElastic
Jessica TaylorPrincipal Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise SearchElastic

Building observable streaming systems with Elastic APM

Implement distributed tracing in request-reply services is usually a walk in the park — but things are not always easy when dealing with streaming-based systems. Using asynchronous technologies like Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar, your spans will often create blind spots because the transaction context is not propagated automatically between producers and consumers applications. This talk discusses what can be done to solve this problem using the native support for OpenTelemetry in Elastic APM.

Ricardo FerreiraPrincipal Developer AdvocateElastic

Bears empowering data-driven decisions using the ELK Stack

Three Bigbear.ai Women Engineers discuss and demonstrate real-time UX analytics to drive evidence-based design in transforming a legacy Enterprise application.

Christine HarneySolutions Architect, Analytics SectorBigBear.ai
Krista SmithSenior Data ScientistBigBear.ai
Justine BenoitUI/UX DesignerBigBear.ai

Top 5 data sources for building effective security operations

In this panel discussion, you'll learn the most important security data sources useful in taking on the most prevalent threats today. We’ll discuss efficient ways to collect, parse, analyze, present, and use this information to handle security incidents in an effective and scalable way.

James Paul Pichardo LezmaCISOSupertintendency of Banks, Dominican Republic
Mike PaquetteDirector of Product, Security MarketElastic
Devon KerrSr Manager, Intelligence & AnalyticsElastic
James SpiteriPrincipal Product Marketing Manager, SecurityElastic

Easier integrations with Elastic Agent & Fleet

Learn how we're making it dramatically easier to integrate your systems and apps for Observability and Security. Our unified Elastic Agent gives you logs, metrics, security and more in a single installation. Fleet allows you to centrally manage Elastic Agents at scale and update them in a single click. Add integrations for popular systems and apps so you can go from data to insights in seconds.

Nima RezainiaProduct ManagerElastic
Jason SkowronskiProduct ManagerElastic

Exascale computing with Elastic

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) deploys the fastest supercomputers in the world. However, with (super) fast systems you sometimes get (super) big problems. Join this session to learn how the Elastic Stack plays a significant role in the OLCF's operational analytics and monitoring platforms and how you can apply some of our lessons learned and best practices in your own (exascale) environments.

Rachel PalumboHPC Data Analytics EngineerOak Ridge National Laboratory
Ryan AdamsonGroup Leader, Security and Information Engineering GroupOak Ridge National Laboratory
Corwin LesterHPC Data EngineerOak Ridge National Laboratory

Elastic Cloud: The best and easiest way to unleash the power of Elastic

Join this session to learn about the value of Elastic Cloud and how you can benefit from managing your Elastic stack workload on our own Elasticsearch hosted service.

Roy ZanbelPrincipal Product Manager, Elastic CloudElastic

Elements of a successful and exceptional search experience and how Elasticsearch helped us get there

Hear about our journey going from an adequate to phenomenal search experience. We’ll share tips and tricks on how we solved our customers’ search relevance challenges with out-of-the-box Elasticsearch features. Learn from our experiences and our mistakes! We’ll discuss catering to the search needs of customers, meeting business requirements, and addressing human language issues.

Jaspreet SinghChief Search Relevancy and Technical Team LeadIBM

Optimizing the Elastic Stack for Observability and Fleet

Combining Elastic Observability with Elastic Agents, centrally managed by Fleet, results in a massive simplification of monitoring for most teams, but brings some unique challenges to resource usage in the Elastic Stack. Come learn how we optimize our deployments to get the most out of these new services.

Mike GaruccioProduct Strategy EngineerExpedient

Democratizing security: Arming every analyst

Learn how Elastic is providing enterprise-grade security to every business and every user through free and open software.

Mike NicholsProduct Lead - Elastic SecurityElastic

Actionable intelligence with Elastic Security insights

How do you know what the next steps are in triaging an alert? How do you know which hosts/users are the most exposed so that you can prioritize remediation? Learn how Elastic Security insights can simplify activities and provide you with turnkey actionable intelligence.

Sourin PaulSecurity Protections & Insights, Senior Product ManagerElastic

A hitchhiker's guide to resource based consumption on Elastic Cloud

Resource based consumption is core to Elastic Cloud’s pricing and billing model. In this session you will learn how you can leverage resource based consumption to guide your expansion across multiple use-cases on Elastic Cloud.

Suyog RaoDirector of EngineeringElastic
Yoav DerazonDirector, Product ManagementElastic

Modern NLP in the Elastic Stack

In this talk we preview new natural language processing (NLP) features coming to the Elastic Stack such as named entity recognition (NER) and sentiment analysis.

Josh DevinsSenior Principal Engineer, Machine LearningElastic

Reducing food wastage for the next billion people with Elasticsearch

In this session, I will present how Elasticsearch was used to index and search highly unstructured and sparse data associated with the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market in an effort to reduce food waste in the last mile (i.e.,  between wholesale traders and 12.8 million retail grocers). Join this session to learn how you too can use Elasticsearch to build empathetic software for the masses.

Tejas ChopraSenior Software EngineerNetflix

Upgrade Assistant to the rescue

Upgrading is hard! But it doesn't have to be. We've invested in making the upgrade process to 8.0 the smoothest major Stack upgrade yet by redesigning the Upgrade Assistant UI with your experience in mind.

CJ CenizalKibana Stack Management Team LeadElastic

The art of organizing - content management in Kibana

Do you have hundreds if not thousands of dashboards in Kibana? In this session we'll review some of the best practices for managing your content.

Alex FrancoeurKibana Product ManagerElastic

Troubleshooting your Elasticsearch cluster like an Elastic Support Engineer

Where to start when troubleshooting an Elasticsearch cluster? Is your cluster down, or experiencing degraded performance?

Join this talk if you want to learn how Elastic Support Engineers approach troubleshooting and some best practices they recommend to customers.

Imma VallsSenior Support EngineerElastic

Enriching Elastic Security events and alerts with threat intelligence

In this session, you'll learn about the role threat intel enrichments play within the analyst workflow, including a technical exploration of how the enrichments are added to alerts within Elastic Security.

Ece ÖzalpSoftware Engineer, Threat Intelligence, Elastic SecurityElastic

Managing 230+ Elasticsearch clusters on Kubernetes using the Elastic Operator

Gojek, a decacorn with 100 million users in Southeast Asia, previously ran Elasticsearch clusters on LXC containers but has recently migrated to Kubernetes, managed by Elastic Operator. This talk covers the provisioning process, the migration with X-Pack security and Kibana settings, and more.

DanielCloud Platform EngineerGojek

User behaviour analytics with the Elastic Stack at Elastic Cloud

How the Elastic Cloud product team leverages the speed and flexibility of Elasticsearch and Kibana to monitor and analyze user behaviour, and to provide descriptive and predictive analytics.

Yaru LinSenior Product Manager, AnalyticsElastic

Elastic Security: Lessons learned and future direction

This panel discussion will include industry members of the Elastic community who will speak about their experiences using Elastic Security and where they see opportunities for future growth.

Suhavi SandhuSoftware EngineerGuidewire Software
Ivan NinichuckSecurity Consulting Freelancer on Upwork
Austin SongerSecurity EngineerFormAssembly

From zero to ingest - get started with Elastic Cloud in just a few clicks

Learn how to deploy Elasticsearch and ingest your logs and metrics in a few minutes using Elastic Cloud.

Osman IshaqPrincipal Product ManagerElastic

Logging Apache Spark: How we made it easy

How do you improve the visibility of your logs while running Spark on EMR? If you're tired of ssh-ing into your servers and searching log files, this architecture design is for you.

Simona MeriamBig Data EngineerNielsen Marketing Cloud

Secure your deployments on Elastic Cloud with Private Link

Private Link integration for Elastic Cloud across AWS, GCP (Private Service Connect) and Azure is an important part of making Elastic Cloud secure and enterprise ready for all your critical workloads. Private Link helps add another layer of security, when connecting to your Elasticsearch cluster or other endpoints from your VPC or VNET. The set up is easy, and each Private Link endpoint has a private IP address and all traffic is guaranteed to flow through the cloud providers network. Come learn more about security on Elastic Cloud and the Private Link and Private Service Connect integration.

Shubha Anjur TupilSenior Product ManagerElastic