Thomson Reuters, Research, Journalism, Finance, & Elastic

From log analysis to ensure systems are functioning, to a search platform for insight into financial trends and journalism assets – the Elastic Stack is an integral part of Thomson Reuters. Learn about how they customize it to fit their needs through tooling, custom plugins, predictive monitoring, and more.

Vsu Subramanian

Vsu Subramanian is a Vice president of engineering in Thomson Reuters. Vsu has been working on search engineering for almost a decade. He leads global engineering teams with wide portfolios of software engineering, architecture, and quality engineering, dev-ops & project management. At Thomson Reuters, Vsu leads teams that build large scale, mission critical information platforms using Search engineering, Big Data engineering & massive distributed systems that deliver intelligent information and insight to our customers. His areas of interests are in building large scale engineering platforms, search engines, Big Data engineering & content delivery systems.

Jonathan Wentz

Jonathan Wentz is a Lead Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters and is presently on the Platform Elasticsearch team. He focuses on making Elasticsearch enterprise-friendly through building out monitoring suites, implementing new features and functionality directly into TR’s Elasticsearch offerings, providing operational tooling, and leading centralized en masse knowledge sharing. From building robust security solutions to implementing partner requirements through analyzer changes, he has a wide breadth of first-hand Elasticsearch experience across numerous diverse implementations and environments. Whether it’s natural language search or massive statistical aggregations, he's corralled the wild west of the technology world into a seemingly structured environment.