Elasticsearch 0.12.0

Release Notes

Breaking changes:

  • thrift definition params is conflict with c#’s keyword, rename to parameters. (#392)
  • Geo Overhaul (work with multiple locations). (#414)
  • Bulk API: Rename index to _index, type to _type and id to _id. (#421)
  • Mapper: Allow to configure date_formats only on the root object mapper. (#437)

New features:

  • Mapper: Dynamic Template Support. (#397)
  • Groovy Plugin: Allow to run groovy code as scripts (custom_score, script_fields, and in different facets implementations). (#398)
  • JavaScript Plugin: Allow to use javascript for scripts. (#401)
  • Scripts: Allow to access _fields providing access to stored fields. (#402)
  • Wikipedia River: A river to index wikipedia. (#403)
  • Term Facet:
    • Use a script that provides the facets to index. (#410)
    • Allow to execute term facet on more than one field. (commit)
  • Python Plugin: Allow to use python for scripts. (#418)
  • Use Base64 encoding for UUID generation (auto generated doc ids, and node ids). (#422)
  • Query DSL: Numeric Range Filter – A filter that uses the field data cache to perform numeric tests. (#435)


  • CouchDB River
    • Support couchdb filter query parameters. (#389) (fix in #394)
    • Support http auth. (#390)
    • Ignore _design/ documents. (commit)
    • Allow to define a javascript that can munge the changes stream. (#431)
  • Gateway: Add gateway.expected_nodes for state recovery. (#404)
  • Query DSL:
    • query_string / field to use the optimized match_all query when using * (or :). (#413)
    • Fine grained filter caching control with sensible defaults. (#424)
    • Statistical Facet: Allow to compute statistical facets on more than one field. (#436)
  • Twitter River: Support filter stream. (#416)
  • Plugins:
    • Allow to place “extracted” plugins under the plugins directory. (#428)
    • plugins should now be in extracted format under ES_HOME/plugins. (#438)
  • Scripting: Allow to define scripts within config/scripts, automatically compiled and can be referenced by name. (#429)
  • Local Gateway: Don’t block meta operations (delete index) on an index that is not recovered due to not all shards being available. (#433)
  • Cluster Admin API: add cluster_name to cluster health response. (commit)
  • Improve automatic publish network address logic. (#439)

Bug fixes:

  • /_cluster/nodes/stats is broken. (#391)
  • Local Gateway: Possible failure to allocate shards to nodes when more than one index exists in the cluster (on full cluster restart). (#409)
  • Thrift River: Rename Status.CONTINUE to Status.CONT (reserved word). (#415)


  • upgrade to groovy 1.7.5
  • upgrade to aws sdk 1.0.11
  • upgrade to Jackson 1.6.1
  • Add the ability to run check index index.shard.check_index before starting a shard, used for internal testing (as it has a large overhead). (commit)