Elasticsearch 0.20.5

Release Notes

Latest RC release of elasticsearch is 0.90.0.RC1.

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.19 requires a full cluster restart.

Breaking Changes:

  • Shared Gateway has been deprecated (2458)
  • Snappy compression has been deprecated (2459)
  • Plugins Installer: Allow to download plugins from download.elasticsearch.org (#2507)


  • Id Cache: Allow to configure if ids should be reused (memory wise) or not, default to false (#2605)

Bug fixes:

  • Cached script filter is not used in consecutive searches (#2651)
  • Warmers do not load field data cache for sorting on new segments (#2649)
  • possibly incorrect use of Lucene OneMerge.totalBytesSize (#2643)
  • Bulk execution while a shard is replication might send erroneous version conflict failures for certain items (#2642)
  • Index with no replicas might loose on going documents while relocating a shard (#2641)
  • Filter cache stats may report incorrect values when index is recreated (#2609)
  • NullPointerException (#2608)