Jira Server connector

Ingest all of your Jira issues into Workplace Search.

The Jira Server Connector requires that you connect Workplace Search with your Jira Server instance.

Supports Jira Server version: 8.3.1

For Jira on the cloud, see Jira Cloud.


Login to Jira Server.

We’ll assume that you have Jira up and running and premise that the default base URL is: http://localhost:8080/.

Login to Jira Server as an administrator.

Click the Gear in the top right corner and then select Applications:

Figure 48. Connecting Jira

Within the left sidebar menu, click on Application Links.

Enter the host address for Workplace Search.

By default, the address is: http://localhost:3002.

Click Create new link:

Figure 49. Connecting Jira

It will fail… That’s okay. Everybody fails sometimes.

Confirm the link, then proceed.

We admit: this next part will feel strange. But the end result will securely connect the two applications.

A modal appears and within it we’ll need to enter some information:

Figure 50. Connecting Jira
  • Application Name: Elastic Workplace Search
  • Application Type: Generic Application
  • Service Provider Name: Elastic
  • Consumer key, Shared secret, Request Token URL, Access token URL, Authorize URL: Any random value. A . will do.
  • Create incoming link: Check this box.

Click Continue.

A final modal will appear:

Figure 51. Connecting Jira
  • Consumer Key: elastic_enterprise_search
  • Consumer Name: Elastic
  • Public Key: Your Public Key.

Click Continue.

A successful affirmation appears…

Now, over to Workplace Search and finish the rest of the flow.

Congratulations! It’s time to search.

You can now make the source available to various groups and scale its relevance priority.