Connecting Dropbox


Connecting Dropboxedit

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service for organizations of all sizes, allowing teams to create, store, share and automatically synchonize documents across desktop, web and mobile. The Dropbox connector provided with Workplace Search automatically captures, syncs and indexes the following items:

Stored Files

Including ID, File Metadata, File Content, Updated by, and timestamps

Configuring the Dropbox Connectoredit

Configuring the Dropbox connector is the first step prior to connecting the Dropbox service to Workplace Search, and requires that you create an OAuth App from the Dropbox platform. To get started, first log in to Dropbox and access your administrative dashboard:

Step 1. Login to Dropbox’s App Developer Portal.

Step 2. Click the Create app button:

dropbox create app start

You should see the Create a new app form.

dropbox create app form

Before we create a new app, there are two important things to understand:

  1. The app can stay in Developer Mode. You do not need to publish it.
  2. Make sure that you create this app with a trusted and stable Dropbox account.

Creating an app with a team-owned account is recommended, should the configuration evolve over time.

Step 3. Choose Scoped access and Full Dropbox, and enter a name in the Name your app field. The name must be unique within Dropbox (e.g. Organization Name Workplace Search).

dropbox scoped access
dropbox full dropbox
dropbox name your app

Step 4. Choose create app to submit the Create a new app form.

dropbox create app end

Your app is created, and you should now see the Settings form.

dropbox settings

Step 5. Within OAuth 2 and Redirect URIs, add the following two redirect URIs, substituting <WS_BASE_URL> with the base URL at which Workplace Search is hosted (scheme + host, no path).



# Deployment using a custom domain name

# Deployment using a default Elastic Cloud domain name

# Unsecured local development environment

Choose Add to save each URL.

dropbox redirect uris

Step 6. Reveal the App Key and App Secret and keep them in a secure and handy location: they will be required shortly.

dropbox app key app secret

Step 7. Choose Permissions to change to the Permissions form.

dropbox permissions

Choose and

dropbox files content read
dropbox sharing read

Choose Submit to save your changes within the Permissions form.

dropbox submit

Step 8. From the Workplace Search administrative dashboard’s Sources area, locate Dropbox, click Configure and provide both the Client ID and Client Secret.

App Key and App Secret correspond to Client ID and Client Secret, respectively.

Voilà! The Dropbox connector is now configured, and ready to be used to synchronize content. In order to capture data, you must now connect a Dropbox instance with the adequate authentication credentials.

Connecting Dropbox to Workplace Searchedit

Once the Dropbox connector has been configured, you may connect a Dropbox instance to your organization.

Step 1. Head to your organization’s Workplace Search administrative dashboard, and locate the Sources tab.

Step 2. Click Add a new source.

Step 3. Select Dropbox in the Configured Sources list, and follow the Dropbox authentication flow as presented.

Step 4. Upon the successful authentication flow, you will be redirected to Workplace Search.

Dropbox content will now be captured and will be ready for search gradually as it is synced. Once successfully configured and connected, the Dropbox synchronization automatically occurs every 2 hours.