Integrating Watcher with Logstashedit

You can use the webhook action to send data to Logstash so you can transform and enrich watch payloads. Integrating with Logstash also enables you to send watches to any of the outputs supported by Logstash.

To enable Logstash to receive data from Watcher, you need to configure an http input in your Logstash configuration file:

input {
  http {
    host => "mylogstashhost" 
    port => "8080" 

The name of your Logstash HTTP host.

The port the HTTP host listens on.

The http input launches a webserver and listens for incoming requests. The Logstash http input supports basic auth and HTTPS.

The http input is built into Logstash 1.5.2 and above. To use the http input with earlier versions of Logstash, install the logstash-input-http plugin by running bin/plugin install logstash-input-http.