Getting Watcher Statisticsedit

You use the Watcher stats API to get information about Watcher, such as the current state, number of watches, size of the execution queue, and the watches that are currently queued or executing.

For example:

GET _watcher/stats/_all

The response looks like this:

   "watcher_state": "started",
   "watch_count": 2,
   "execution_thread_pool": {
      "queue_size": 1,
      "max_size": 40
   "current_watches": [
       "watch_id": "my_watch",
       "watch_record_id": "my_watch4_223-2015-05-21T11:59:59.811Z",
       "triggered_time": "2015-05-21T11:59:59.811Z",
       "execution_time": "2015-05-21T11:59:59.811Z"
   "queued_watches": [
       "watch_id": "my_other_watch",
       "watch_record_id": "my_other_watch4_223-2015-05-21T11:59:59.812Z",
       "triggered_time": "2015-05-21T11:59:59.812Z",
       "execution_time": "2015-05-21T11:59:59.812Z"

To get the version of the Watcher plugin you have installed, call GET _watcher.