Get Elasticedit

Elastic Cloud enables you set up the Elastic Stack and start using the Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions in minutes. You can deploy globally in any of the dozens of supported regions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

If you prefer to go the self-managed route, you can install the Elastic Stack on your own hardware or on a public, private, or hybrid cloud. If you are operating multiple clusters, consider using Elastic Cloud Enterprise or Elastic Cloud for Kubernetes to orchestrate your deployments.

Orchestrate your deployments with Elastic Cloud Enterprise Install the Elastic Stack distributions for your environment Deploy the Elastic Stack with Elastic Cloud Kubernetes Do you want to use Kubernetes to orchestrate your deployments? Do you need to manage multiple deployments? Self-managed: Install and operate the Elastic Stack on your own infrastructure no no yes yes no Elastic Cloud: Hosted Elasticsearch Service Subscribe through the , , or marketplace for 
unified billing AWS GCP Azure Sign up directly with Elastic and get started for free Do you want to sign up through
 or your cloud provider? cloud provider yes Do you want Elastic to install and manage 
your deployment?

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