Delete commentedit

Deletes the specified comment.

Request URLedit

DELETE <kibana host>:<port>/api/cases/<case ID>/comments/<comment ID>

URL partsedit

The URL must include:

  • the case ID of the comment’s associated case (call Find cases to retrieve case IDs).
  • the comment ID of the comment you are retrieving (call Get all case comments to retrieve comment IDs).

Example requestedit

Deletes comment ID 71ec1870-725b-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2 from case ID a18b38a0-71b0-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2:

DELETE api/cases/a18b38a0-71b0-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2/comments/71ec1870-725b-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.