Delete caseedit

Deletes the specified cases and all associated comments.

Request URLedit

DELETE <kibana host>:<port>/api/cases?ids=["<case ID1>","<case ID2>"]

URL partsedit

The URL must include the case IDs of the cases you are deleting. Call Find cases to retrieve case IDs.

All non-ascii characters must be encoded.

Example requestedit

Deletes cases with these IDs:

  • 2e3a54f0-6754-11ea-a1c2-e3a8bc9f7aca
  • 40b9a450-66a0-11ea-be1b-2bd3fef48984
DELETE api/cases?ids=%5B%222e3a54f0-6754-11ea-a1c2-e3a8bc9f7aca%22%2C%2240b9a450-66a0-11ea-be1b-2bd3fef48984%22%5D

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.